Arzu Kaprol Paris Fashion Week AW 2011-12 | Archeology of the Future

PARIS, March 9, 2011/ “archeology of the future” as a starting point of inspiration, a sartorial dimension of the future. “There is no creation exnihilo: everything ensues from the past, from relation to the past and the existing that enlivens each piece.” Shouldered heightened like armor and silver brocade plastic spheres with jet-black crystals welcomed a futuristic shape into this season’s collection. Leather was dominant in a full saturation of black, and silk textures added some flow to the structured forms. Mohair, chiffon, and python surprised the audience as the common fabrics combined with tulle and crepe designs, appearing as a merely unrecognizable fabric. Spotted were ebony black buttons outlining shoulders and the line of the spine, while onyx patches highlighted with metal pipes appeared as modern arm candy or better yet, refined armor. This collection elegantly echoed the past while reinventing the perfect present by superimposing chic futuristic impressions.