Arzu Kaprol & Mercan Dede | Dare to Dream | Digital Symphony

Arzu Kaprol & Mercan Dede | Dare to Dream | Digital Symphony


Concept : Arzu Kaprol (
Artistic Direction & Music : Mercan Dede (
Artistic Direction&Design&Animation: Ouchhh (
Creative Coding&Technical Direction: Fikirbazzenger (
Storyteller: Sebnem Ferah
Lyrics: Arzu Kaprol, Sebnem Ferah, Askin Elibol, Mercan Dede.
Sound Design: Audiofil
Documentation: Ouchhh (
Projection Technical: Visio-vox

New face projection mapping work using Real-Time Face Tracking “Dare to Dream” is included within the Vodafone Turkey Digital Transformation Summit; realised in Istanbul, on March 15th ,2016

Dare to Dream:

This performance is created to Remember The act of dreaming , as the most real thing…. To encourage the creative process, to realise what has been dreamed of.
To transform tomorrow within today, with all our technological supernatural surrounding , we may only remind the human kind that we only do exist by remembering our ability to dream…
To dream, to dare, to love and to believe in , is what we aim to inspire .
As life and colours re-exist, a new life form appears with strength, love, peace and harmony…

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